Paul E. Caldwell, MD

Dr. Paul E. Caldwell is a member of the Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Team at Tuckahoe Orthopaedics.  He is a Richmond native and received his medical degree from Medical College of Virginia.  After completing his internship and residency, he was selected to attend a fellowship in Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery at Mississippi Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Jackson, MS.  (A fellowship is an extra year of specialized training that a physician chooses to pursue after completing medical school and residency training.)  

Dr. Caldwell and his medical staff primarily treat patients with shoulder, elbow, and knee injuries.  His patients range in age from the younger athlete with traumatic sports injuries to the more mature patient with repetitive injuries. He also treats injured workers.  The majority of injuries can be treated with rehabilitation, but will occasionally require minimally invasive, arthroscopic surgery.  The arthroscopic procedures that he most often performs are ACL reconstruction and meniscal surgery of the knee, as well as rotator cuff and  labral repairs of the shoulder.

Dr. Caldwell has a passion for education and takes an active role in training the next generation of sports medicine and arthroscopic surgeons.  On the local level, he is an integral part of the Orthopaedic Research of Virginia fellowship, which is one of the largest Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy fellowship programs on the East Coast. On the national and international level, he also serves as a Master Instructor for the Arthroscopy Association of North America at the AANA Learning Center in Chicago.

“I believe that knowledgeable patients make the best decisions.  I try to explain every step of the diagnostic process…so my patients understand their condition and the various treatment approaches available.”

Dr. Caldwell attended Collegiate School and also Wake Forest University, where he was a member of the tennis team.  He enjoys working with student athletes and is pleased to provide medical coverage to Collegiate, St. Christopher’s School and Hermitage High School.  He understands how important it is to stay active as the body ages, and he continues to enjoy tennis, biking, weight lifting, and playing with his children!


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